Here are answers to some frequently asked questions. Please contact us anytime at (admin@shop4refugees.com) with your questions or comments.

Is my purchase tax-deductible?

Yes, your purchase is considered a tax-deductible donation by the IRS to Servant Group International, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. You can use your email confirmation as your receipt, and you will also receive a year-end receipt in January for tax purposes.

Can I donate items? Can I drop of items at your office?

We're sorry, but we do not collect physical items. Our goal is to avoid the often prohibitive costs associated with international shipping, help support local businesses in countries dealing with refugees on a large scale, and get needed items into the hands of refugees as quickly as possible.

Where do you purchase your items?

All of the countries where we work have well-stocked shops, marketplaces and bazaars with items priced comparable to or cheaper than similar items in the US. Our field representatives are trained to bargain for the best price, particularly on larger orders.

Will 100% of my gift go to purchase items for refugees?

The price shown on our website covers a 5% overhead fee and credit card processing fees. Any funds remaining following the purchase of needed items will be used to support additional projects serving refugees.

How will my purchase be shown on my credit card statement?

Your credit card or bank statement will show your purchase as "SP * SGI SHOP4REFUGEES"  The "SP" stands for Shopify, the service we use to process your payment and host this website. The "SGI' stands for Servant Group International, the non-profit organization that receives your gift. The "SHOP4REFUGEES" should help remind you what the transaction was for.

How will items be shipped?

We do not ship items overseas, but rather purchase the needed items from local businesses and merchants. This enables us to respond quickly to needs, while at the same time help support local businesses, shop-keepers and merchants.

Who does the actual purchasing and distribution of items?

We have team members and national partners on the ground who assess and determine what items are needed, and who do the actual purchasing and distribution of those items.

Can I donate over and above the price listed for item(s) or send a general donation to your ministry?

Yes, locate the item "General Donation" on our product page, and adjust the quantity to yield the total amount you wish to donate. For example, a quantity of 75 will equal a $75 gift.

How long has ShopForRefugees been in operation?

ShopForRefugees is a new website, but the teams of Servant Group International have been serving refugees in the US, Europe and the Middle East since 1992. For more information about our ministry, please visit ServantGroup.org.

How can I learn more about volunteering or serving with your teams?

We would love to start this discussion with you. Please click to learn more about opportunities to serve with us